Inca Annotated Bibliography Essay

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Inca Annotated bibliography "Inca." Encyclopedia Britannica. 2008. Encyclopedia Britannica Online. 16 Nov. 2008 <>. The Britannica encyclopedia is a great source to find information on almost any topic related to “Inca”. This website seems to be very useful considering it contains all the necessary subtopics (people, life, civilization, rulers, etc.) on my main topic, Ancient Inca. The encyclopedia also gives a good back up for each fact that it states. If this source were to be rated, it would get approximately an 8/10 for all its great information. EMuseum, Minnesota state university. 2007 The students…show more content…
The book has a lot of information on ancient Inca. Also, another thing that is great about this book is that the index is very organized and shows exactly where every type of information on each civilization can be found. However, this book has a great amount of information on the religion of the people of Inca. This book should be given a 7/10 because it does have a lot of information on some topics on Inca, yet it doesn’t contain some topics that may be just as…show more content…
The best thing about the book is the way that the table on contents is set up, it separates all the main subtopics in a very easy to find manner. Also, this is the source that contained the most useful and effective information on ancient Inca. The book contains many pictures to help explain many concepts. Another great thing about this book is that it backs up all its information with specified facts. If this book was to be rated it should receive a 10/10 because it is so organized and yet contains any type of information one may need to know about any ancient

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