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INAUGURATION OF THE SILVER JUBILEE YEAR OF COLLEGE OF NURSING The Father Muller College of Nursing proudly stepped into its twenty fifth year of existence on 13th March 2011. It has added many feathers of achievements in its silver crown as the years passed, and now it has transformed from just a name to a brand name, which is globally reputed, meeting the standards and qualities in every minute step it takes in the fields of Nursing Education, Service and Research. The staff and the students of this esteemed college are glad to inaugurate the Silver Jubilee year. To mark this event the logo for the Silver Jubilee, which evokes and symbolises the values of the College of Nursing was inaugurated. The logo marquee of 25 years excellence typifies the values of enlightenment and empathy built on the edifice of our Institution’s motto of “Heal and Comfort”. The Guest of Honour, Dr S. Ramananda Shetty, Honourable Vice Chancellor of Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Bengaluru, inaugurated the Silver Jubilee year by the click of a button on the laptop. The Silver Jubilee Celebrations Programme Brochure consisting of 25 programmes that would be organised and conducted throughout the Jubilee year were colourfully depicted in the Brochure, was also released. There was also a release of the College documentary series which portrayed the glorious 25 years of the colleges’ existence. To make this event a more colourful and joyous one, a Jubilee Song was sung by the students of the College of Nursing. The words of the song have been composed by Dr. Giselle Mehta, set to tune by Mr. Joel Pereira and the orchestration is done by Mr. Benjamin

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