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Savannah State University Lecturer: Ed Fletcher [Payne-122] College of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences Office Phone: 912-358-3322 Department of Liberal Arts Email: SPRING 2013 SEMESTER HUMN 1201 Critical Thinking and Communication MWF-8am [Sec. 04, P-207] … MWF-9am [Sec. 05, P-207] … MWF-11am [Sec. 06, P-105] … TR-8am [Sec. 07, P-105] 1st Paper – Inaugural Addresses {[Posted on eLearning D2L] Directions: Write a 500 word paper comparing and contrasting President Obama’s inaugural addresses (2013 & 2009). See below “Due Date/Time” and “Instructions” to complete this assignment. Due Date/Time: For MWF classes the due date/time is Friday – February 1 no later than your scheduled 8am, 9am or 11am class; For TR class the due date/time is Thursday – January 31 no later than your scheduled 8am class. Instructions: Carefully read each of President Obama’s inaugural addresses he gave in 2013 and 2009. Compare and contrast the 2nd one in 2013 when he was elected for his second term of office, versus the 1st one he gave in 2009 when he was elected for his first term of office. What will his policies focus on during his second term of office, versus his first term office? Was there a difference in the tone or delivery between the 2013 and 2009 inaugural addresses? What did you like or not like about both inaugural addresses? Your paper should include at least two quotes to back up your comparison and contrast of both inaugural addresses; one from 2013 and one from 2009. It must have at least three reasons why you feel as you do and at least one refutation from the other side. See the 1st page (middle) of your syllabus for the acceptable “Assignment Format” (size of font, margins, line spacing, spell check, etc. Remember that

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