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In what ways does Shakespeare explore human weakness in Othello? Shakespeare explores human weakness in his playwrite “Othello” through themes of power, jealousy, love, seduction, and as in most of his plays, through tragedy with murder or suicide. He also explores human weakness through tales of betrayal, revenge, evil, and racial discrimination. He uses his characters to show varying characteristics of each and how they fit into a complex existence. With the play opening with Iago’s discussion about why Cassio was selected as lieutenant, Shakespeare presents to the audience the human weakness of the plays sequential plot, jealousy and destruction. Human weakness is a fact of life, with Shakespeare employing dramatic technique such as tone in order to convey to the audience human vulnerability. Through Iago, who is the only one that speaks to the audience, Shakespeare highlights societal issues such as the struggle for power and superiority. Iago speaks to the audience with bitterness, with deceit and evil, and his explaning his plot, describing his plan of action as a web in which he will catch a fly, highlights his lusting for revenge through deception. Furthermore Shakespeares foreshadowing technique throughtout the play with Iago speaking to the audience, and his choice of words suggesting to the audience that its going to be a fight to the bitter end, one that will end in tragedy, the death of Desdemona from Othello’s raging jealousy that he cannot bear “Or failing so, yet that I put the Moor, at least into a jealousy so strong, that judgment cannot cure." Act 2, Scene 1. And finally with Othello taking his own life after realising what he had done “I kissed you, ere I killed you: no way but this, Killing myself, to die upon a kiss." Similarly Shakespeare highlights human weakness in Othello using Iago to convey racial discrimination by

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