In What Ways Did The Greeks Worship The Gods?

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The Greek religion for a long time was a huge part of society. The worship that took place was done in a variety of ways such as; food were a very important element to the Greek religion and the Greeks tried very hard to please the dogs .Greeks believed they had to worship the gods basically in order to have a good fortune such as making a sacrifice to Demeter for a Good harvest. The Greeks participated in a number of rituals, rites, ceremonies and sacrifices in order to impress and placate or appease the gods. Temples, shrines and statues were built in honour of a god and as a place to sacrifice offerings. A strange thing about the Greek worship was that they simply had no dogma; they didn’t have a holy book they didn’t meet regally like Christians do a church, really nothing was set in stone. The Greeks built a lot of treasuries of other styles of buildings to either thank the oracle of gods. Such as; Athenian Treasury, built to commemorate the spartans kick ass victory at the Battle of Salami According to Pausanias, the Athenians had previously been given the advice by the oracle to put their faith in their "wooden walls" — taking this advice to mean their navy, they won a famous battle at Salamis. Another example is the temple of Apollo It was constructed by the inhabitants of Figalos in honour of Apollo after he saved them from a plague. Sacrifice was an important part of their worship; people either wanted something or thought they were in debt to a god and needed to make one. In Greek, sacrifice was a much more specific thing: it means killing a tame animal and offering part of it to the gods, or to one specific god, while eating the rest of it yourself. Sacrifice usually took place for festivities in the community in order to celebrate the sacrifice and separate it from everyday life. The animal sacrificed would have to be considered

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