In What Way Are the Gods and Goddesses Important to the Success as a Story

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In the odyssey, the gods are vital within the structure of the story. Their role determines the events within the odyssey and how exciting they are. Though they are success in making the story interesting, so may feel that the repetitive interference of the gods devalues both Odysseus and the plot. In book five of the odyssey, it begins with the council of the gods deciding on Odysseus’s fate. Athena speaks to her father Zeus of Odysseus’s constant misfortune. Zeus then assures his daughter that Odysseus will return to his home land and friends. This is an important passage within the odyssey for it portrays the gods would favour Odysseus and want to help him , Athena and Zeus and it also verifies to the audience that Odysseus will return to his homeland ,due to it being the wish of Zeus, the king of the god. This passage can been successful for it emphasises the main theme within the story of a hero returning home, this adds excitement and reassurance to the audience, however at the same time some may argue that this passage has now ruined the rest of the story because there is no longer anticipation on whether Odysseus will return home or not. The ‘villain’ within the odyssey is Poseidon, his constant inference causes great misfountune, many of which create a series of events that follow. An example of his interception is when Odysseus is traveling b raft to the land of the Phaeacians from Calypso’s island .Poseidon, determined for Odysseus not to return home creates a huge storm. This moment in the story is particularly gripping for the audience. It is successful due to the vivid detail used to describe the event and a chance for the audience to connect with the character Odysseus through his emotional suffering. During this moment the goddess Ino makes an appearance, she takes pity on Odysseus and helps him. She gives him a veil which would protect him from

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