In Times of Conflict, No One Is Completely Innocent Essay

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Creative Writing: Conflict By Henry Harms ‘In times of conflict, no one is completely innocent’ Conflict is seen by everyone everyday, and it just seems to happen to such undeserving people, but it’s the way in which you react and the decisions that you make, which ultimately decides on whether you will find yourself in trouble or not. In life we find that conflict can sometimes bring out the worst in people, and we see a great example of this in the Quiet American, with both Fowler and Pyle. Fowler, being the narrator of this story continually reminds the reader of his past and the guilt he has after cheating on his wife back home in England. This then sees Fowler and Pyle entering into a world thinking that they are completely innocent, as the world they come from is none like the one they locate to. However, after a naïve girl named Phuong enters the equation, the conflict between both Fowler and Pyle begins to heat up. Phuong seems to act as a metaphor for peace and quiet, which just happens to live in a country of piece and quiet, Vietnam. Fowler and Pyle come from different backgrounds so of course they begin to develop different opinions, and as their conflict develops, the pair begin to strive towards wrapping a ring around Phuong’s finger. We see that in a place surrounded by conflict, people can still find conflict with not only the people surrounding them, but also their own self. And it is in this story that this idea is explored, however, it comes with an unexpected twist, which may seem a bit clichéd, however, this twist completely impacts the life of a man who doesn’t seem to deserve it. A doctor given the chance to work in a third world country with all the essentials that he needs, however his greediness then impacts the lives of his family members, his wife Jane and his 13 year son Jacob to them bring them to a country ironically made up of

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