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Firstly, heavy pressures of overloaded public transportation system would be decreased if everyone has their own cars. According to the recent research report, in major cities of China, the public transports have been operated overloaded far more than 20 years ago, which interprets the fact that private cars are needed urgently. Secondly, the income level of Chinese people has been increased in these years which mean they have the buying power to afford a car in their life, comparing to the situation 20 years ago. Thirdly, thanks to the development of advanced technology, the automobile manufactory process is now more efficient and economic, which allows the cost of producing cars drop to an acceptable level. However, the opponents state that if everyone has a car in China, the current road system cannot stand the huge amount of cars daily. And also there will be not enough parking facilities to accomodate the excessed number of private cars. The situation of looking for a parking space is embarrassing most of the car owner’s day after day. China is expected to have more cars than the United States within 30 years, said Rong Huikang, deputy director of the expert panel of the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers (CAAM). As the automobile market with the largest growth potential, China ranks third in the world in terms of automobile production, which has doubled since 2001 when the country was ranked seventh, said Zhang Xiuxue, deputy director of China International Research Institute of Multinational Corporations. China now has 34 million cars with an annual average growth rate of 12 percent over the last 10 years, while the United States had 240 million cars in 2004. According to the CAAM, China produced 3.05 million cars and sold 2.97 million cars in the first five months this year, up 32 percent and 31 percent
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