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In the Valley of Elah At the start of the film a sense of confusion came upon me, a random sound bite that makes no sense till the very end of the film. One soon finds out that the film itself is about a military family. The subject of military families has always been a very unpredictable subject. The family portrayed in this film is no different, but that will come into play later in the film. The bulk of this film is about the youngest son of the family who is enrolled in the army. In the beginning of the film it’s key to note that Tommy Lee Jones “Hank Deerfield” notices that an American flag is hanging upside down in the courtyard of a school, he then process to get the grounds keeper of the school to rectify the irregularity citing…show more content…
Monetary value and pride is at the centerfold of every decision that the governments make. Three fellow soldiers came forward when Ortiz was arrested, saying that Mike was very angry when he came home from the deployment. Mike alienated most of his friends choosing not to talk about what were really bothering him. This actually brings up a very interesting point about soldiers and their unwillingness to get counseling. It may be because there is a stigma about going to get help being associated weakness or maybe soldiers feel like talking about their time during deployment brings up the memories of what they’ve done, seen, or experienced. This is a real social problem that has affected and is affecting most I would go as far as to say all soldiers go through, as well as self medication either through the use a magnanimous amount of alcohol or the use of both alcohol and un-prescribed medication. Soldiers in Mike platoon soon come forward with the truth of the circumstances surrounding Mike death. It seemed that Mike was distraught about what happened while he was driving his humvee in Iraq; Mike was told to never stop driving while on a transport. Regrettably during one of the drives a child strayed into the road and Mike was pressured into continuing to drive. Thus running straight over the little boy…show more content…
New York Times does agree that no matter what the flaws the movie Tommy Lee Jone’s performance is “irreducibly honest and right”. The bulk of the movie to an audience seems very dark and everyone seems to be portrayed as tired. All the cast’s characters were worn down and tried. One could tell that the day to day life of all the characters was draining. Especially that of Emily Sanders “Charlize Theron” being a woman in a man driven occupation seemed to be one of the many themes presented in this film. The little to no respects she receive from her superior and fellow coworkers there is a little bit of a war happening in the local police station for Emily make all the progress she makes on the case seem that much more amazing. The movie was also well received by many movie critics and

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