In the Time of the Butterflies Essay

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November 7, 2011 Courage within the butterflies In the Time of the Butterflies by Julia Alvarez commences in 1945 and introduces the lives of four sisters living during the time of a brutal dictator ship in the Dominican Republic. The Mirabal sisters are courageous and take remarkable steps and commit to doing significant deeds throughout their short-lived lives. Each sister chooses a different path to follow. Minerva Mirabal is considered superficially valiant while her sisters are not. She was the first out of her family to become a part of the revolution. Mariposa or butterfly was the nickname given to Minerva. Soon after, her older sister Patria Mirabal and youngest sister Maria Teresa Mirabal were also knows as the butterflies. Courage is significant among the Mirabal sisters, and they display it in various amounts. The sisters are all aware of their cowardice as they perceive it, but at the same time develop self-will and demonstrate courage in numerous ways. Patria Mercedes Mirabal de Gonzalez is the oldest of the Mirabal sisters. Patria's attitude plays a key role in depicting her courage. Patria is considerate, motherly, and religious. Her religion helps develop audacity within herself. At a very young age Patria shares a deep connection with God. Her instructors at the Inmaculada Concepcion always expected her to become a nun. This changes when she develops feelings for Pedrito Gonzales: "I cleared my throat, but I could not speak. I was so sorry to disappoint her, and yet I felt there was nothing to apologize for. At last, my spirit was descending into flesh, and there was more, not less of me to praise God. It tingled in my feet, warmed my hands and legs, flared in my gut. "Yes," I confessed at last, "I have heard"(Julia Alvarez). Patria's instructors at Inmaculada Concepcion expect Patria to follow the similar path as them and become a nun. Patria

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