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Belonging English Essay The extent of things individuals go through to belonging in a society, community, place or group is important as it shows that we are all different individuals and loved. Belonging can be described in many different ways, and can take on many different meanings for different people in different circumstances. Belonging is an important part of our lives. Every human being has something that creates a sense of belonging in their lives. Belonging can involve a relationship, place, family, country, love, cultural, and religion and for some people it is a place called home. “The Simple Gift” by Steven Herrick is about a 16 year old boy called Billy who ran away from home and his abusive father. He ends up in Bendarat, where he meets the other two main characters Old Bill and Caitlin. Old Bill is a homeless, drinking man who lives in the train carriage next to Billy. We later find out that Old Bill does have a house but left it after the death of his wife and his daughter. The other main character is Caitlin; a rich private school girl who you’d think has everything she needs: money, friends, a house and nice parents. However she realises…show more content…
The main character billy leaves home and finds refuge in a train in the town of Bendarat and begins to belong to the town and the people in it and shows even a homeless guy can belong. Steven Herrick uses techniques to get his idea across his audience, the use of dialogue shows symbolism on page 25 of the text “call me Irene”. This is the acceptance of calling her by her first name and emphasised by the repetition of Irene being a personal friend even though billy just met her. This shows belonging that even though billy is the homeless boy dressed poorly Irene the librarian shows that she looks past this and that he can belong. This shows anyone can belong no matter what differences people

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