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In the Neighbourhood Essay

  • Submitted by: GabiFeingold1
  • on August 22, 2014
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  * I never thought that an album, even a single song, could physically make you feel a certain way. Many people think that if music makes you feel happy or makes you feel like dancing, it’s fulfilled its purpose, and to be honest, I felt that way too, until I listened to Indie Pop Rock Band, The Neighbourhood in August 2013. Now, I was a bit late to the pandemonium, considering the fact that the band started up in August 2011, back in the small, suburban, community of Newbury Park, California. Buddies Zach Abels and Jesse Rutherford were just hanging out at home, and Zach decided to play a tune on his guitar, that caught Jesse’s attention. And, with the help of friends, Jeremy Freedman, Mikey Margot, and Bryan Sammis, that tune, later went on to be their most popular single (for now) and radio hit, “Sweater Weather”. With the success of their first collaborative song, the five boys realized that they should continue to write music together, forming The Neighbourhood, and they would later go on to tour the world with bands like Imagine Dragons, and perform at big time music festivals like Coachella, and Oscheaga. Now, by the time I got to them, they had already put out two EPs, “Thank You,” and “I’m Sorry…” and an album “I Love You.” On October 30, 2013, I spontaneously bought my friend and I tickets to their show at the Hollywood Palladium that night, even though the only song my friend knew was “Sweater Weather”, I still dragged her to the show with me, because I was already interested to see what all the hype was about. Needless to say, that on the eve of Halloween 2013, my friend and I left the palladium hooked on The Neighbourhood. It became an obsession to the music that had the power to send chills down my spine and goosebumps up my arms. I never knew that there was music that had the ability to truly make me enjoyably terrified. I just remember not being able to sleep the whole night because I was so excited to just know more about them and listen to...

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