In The March Of The Folly Barbara Wuchman Analysis

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Brittany Fuller ENGL 112 10-01-10 McCarney Violence Page 1 From the tides of the Yucatan peninsula to the French Alps in high altitude, from the dry plains of the Sahara Desert to the waterfalls of the great Amazon, mankind has always had a measure of violence. When I think of violence I think of news on our television or in the papers that we read. Back before Jesus Christ was born people saw violence everyday and sometimes many times a day. From those times it would be something like walking out onto the sidewalk from your house and seeing two men shoving obsidian spears at one another in your front yard. What would you do? Or what would you even say to them? Violence is defined as “a rough or injurious physical force, action, or treatment.” Meriam-Websters’ Dictionary. I believe that there are many different levels people take to what they think is violent. Another word for violence is dangerous. If you were to say that Iggy the Polar Bear at the Denver Zoo was very violent towards the Spider Monkeys he would be considered violent because of his further actions on the Spider Monkey. However, it is how people classify violence that makes violence how it truly is. I could be living in Fresno, California where there are over 31,000 crimes…show more content…
She talks about how the Japanese wanted to set up trade with other countries but was frightened that war would begin with the United States. Barbara Tuchman is trying to tell us that man can be so woodenheaded about violence because we tend to not think before we go to war. Knowing this, men have made some bad decisions by forgetting the main point of the action taking place. Some people believe that war will bring us peace down the road. Little do they know, that they are losing that special bond that keeps us close from country to country. We lose millions of dollars, not to mention,

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