‘In The Future, Synthetic Food Pills Will Replace

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‘In the future, synthetic food pills will replace traditional meals’ There are many difficulties in assessing the nutritive value of traditional meals vs. conventionally synthetic food pills. Many people claim that the future of food represent the capsule that contains all the nutrition of a full meal and eliminate the need to prepare and eat food, while most people firmly believe that traditional healthier food will be on top of all artificial meals. The main advantage in favour of traditional food is that the taste is a thousand times better that the bland taste of pills. Even if food pills could remove the need to get nourishment, they cannot remove the desire to eat. Even if food pills could taste just like the real thing, we want more than just taste from our food. It is obvious that no one is going to invent the "extra-crispy fried chicken" pill; crispiness and pills don't mix. Moreover, people take pleasure form the act of cooking or farming their own fruits and vegetables. On the other hand, synthetic food pills are cheaper and don’t need specific cooking skills. After lot of tests, scientists claim that there is no nutritional difference between synthetic and ‘normal’ food, in fact, with those pills we can solve a significant problem of most people, the obesity. Furthermore, for people who have an active life and are always in a hurry it's easier to maintain themselves with synthetic food. All things considered, I believe that in the future, traditional meals will overtake the synthetic food pills because people like me appreciate the value of cooking and farming their own healthier meals. In my opinion, ordinary food, even if it will be more expensive than food pills, is better for our physical and mental

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