In The End, What Sets Us Apart? Essay

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It is a proven fact that we all want to feel special; different from those who surround us. We dress differently, fix our hair differently, but we are designed to have the same number of eyes, legs, ears, etc. so even though we try our hardest to find something that sets us a side, is all superficial. In the end, taking out all the major tweaks and adjustments we are in fact just a bunch of yahoos. In hand with our appearances, there are the morals and the experiences that we go through that set us apart. Like Lemuel, we go off and earn experience by exploring our surroundings. For example, who cares about how we break the egg? Is our own egg, we break it for ourselves to eat. It is senseless for a king to ordain to its peasants how to carry out such a small detail, and then commence a war with another kingdom because of it. Swift was making a reference to Catholics and Protestants, which I also think is senseless. We make different rituals of our everyday lives, and nobody interferes. Why must you argue and contradict someone else just because of diminutive personal detail, to me that is something of yahoos. It is amusing of what Lemuel encounters in Laputa, and its inhabitants. I do too, because the rulers, the king and family, are in this floating island, which is what Laputa means. The government is floating above the kingdom, not really paying attention to its needs. That can be seen outside the pages, because if you were to ask any middle class citizen, they could all agree on one thing. That thing being is that the government is so overhead of us. The majority of population is always complaining how government only works for the elite. A proving point would be that the king and family are never to leave Laputa. How are you supposed to rule a kingdom you have never set a foot on? My favorite of Gulliver’s travel is when he encounters the Houyhnhnms. Lemuel

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