In The Cutting Of a Drink Essay

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“In The Cutting of a Drink” is a short story written by Ama Ata Aidoo that takes place in the city of Accra, located in the country Ghana. This short story uniquely portrays how life in the city can be an incredible culture clash to a foreigner that visits it. Through the eyes of the main character, a foreigner from the country, we can see that the country is constantly compared to the city. There are also clear comparisons between Western culture and African culture. When the main character reaches the city, it is obvious that the style of living is incredibly different. It is obvious that he is used to the country lifestyle, which is very open, airy, and spacious, but in the city, his friend Duayaw is confined to living in a narrow place that looks like a box, because space is very limited in the city. Also, while making the trip to arrive at Duayaw’s home, the main character takes a step back and looks at all of the cars passing by. He wonders to himself, “Are all these beings that are passing this way and that way human?” The city has the power to turn people into big consumers, and we get so wrapped up into material goods that we become dehumanized in a way. To add to this, these fancy cars that we get so wrapped up into buying must always be in motion; which makes people in the city feel like they must always be in motion as well. We can never just relax, settle down, and simply enjoy life. On page 271, when the main character calls for a lorry to come along and bring him to his destination, he describes the vehicle as not really even stopping and that he “nearly fell down climbing in”. This just furthers the fact that the city is so fast paced that even the cars can never fully stop- only quickly pause, before continuing on. When the main character reaches Duayaw’s home, he experiences another great culture clash. After sleeping, Duayaw’s female friend

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