In Praıse Of Touts Essay

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1. A synonym used is “scalper”, “privileged insiders”. Another could be agents who take a cut in turn for their scalping services. Tout means a person who solicits business or employment. However, the article establi,shes the touts as the ones who buy tickets and create a black-market. In other words, these are “ticket touts”. The total article talks about the precautions that governments take in order to thwart the exorbitant prices in the black-market. The author of the article calls scalpers people who fight for justice however the governments don’t agree with this statement. 2. The primary focus of the article is the misguided reprssives measures. The primary problem is profiteering and protection which is asked by the fans. The article then analyzes the risks in this business and how things work. The piece of news that is fashioned in this article is the California legislature and the law that had passed in Pennsylvania. However, as some governments refuse to legislate as in Britain, organisers are looking for solutions to prevent touting. The news is that California legislature would sentence touts; fine them for 1000$ or a year in jail. The method in Pennsylvania is similar yet harsher:5000$fine or two years behind jails. In my opinion, these new “ideal” solutions that are found in the States, the problems concerning the organisers and fans and lastly, the actual position of scalpers are discussed in this article in order to fashion the news that are actually not new. 3. a. The face value of a ticket is the price that is actually written on the ticket. The face value usually represents its actuall value or redemption value. However, it may sometimes be symbolic. b. Loitering is the act of remaining in a particular place for a protrocated time. It is sometimes illegal in cases. The loiter in the article mentioned is that the touts remain around the
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