In Praise of Margins

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According to Frazier, In Praise of Margins, marginal places and activities are a necessity and essential to growing up. Marginal places, people, and activities allow people to learn the meaning of productivity. Margins allow them to seek and develop self-growth and independence. Margins also allow people to develop their characteristics. In agreement with the author, margins are essential in life for the development of one’s self. In the essay, In Praise of Margins, the author shows how margins are a place to grow up. In Frazier’s essay he describes a time where he felt the nakedness Adam and Eve felt when he came to realization of his tedious thinking and repetitive activities. This moment of realization leads the author to an understanding of having the need to grow up. Just as the author, I have been alerted to grow up due to my transition as a high school student to a college student. Now as a college student I realize the value of time and my need to grow up to be more productive. Because when you grow up, productivity is what you learn and productive is what you learn to be. Here is where the author’s understanding of unproductivity also leads him to seeing the importance of productivity. Marginal places, people, and activities allow people to learn the meaning of productivity. In order to understand the meaning of productivity you must first understand the meaning of unproductivity. Unproductivity is having the disability of using up a large amount of time effectively. Frazier acknowledges that, in his childhood everything that he now does with a purpose began with all the things he did aimlessly. Like the time in his childhood where “The first person to ride his bicycle down a mountain trail was doing a decidedly marginal thing” (54) as a child he didn’t see the purpose behind being the first one at the bottom of the mountain but eventually it becomes
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