In-Person Interviewing Essay

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“When a man and a woman meet, and fall in love, they should be together. But instead, they start analyzing each other, as if they are exponents in test-tubes. Nothing ever caused more problems to humanity than intelligence. Back in my times, it was simple – a man and a woman meet, they fell in love, they get married. Period. Now you read books, you all become professors and start analyzing each other. In fact, there is no longer a difference between a first date and a job interview.” Alfred Hitchcock Despite its original meaning, this quotation points out something far more obvious, that we’d be looking at, and namely – the very first thing an interviewer should remember – this meeting is all about getting to know the other person. Gathering as much information as there is to gather, and later on constructing an accurate profile of the candidate. But first things first. Let’s start from the beginning. There isn’t a huge difference between being an interviewee and an interviewer. Both require very serious preparation and skills, if you’re,of course hoping for a favourable outcome. The first thing to remember when being the interviewer is that it would make everything much easier and save both you and the interviewee a lot of time, if you have prepared the exact type of candidate you are seeking. Do not waste your time asking questions, the answers to which you already have in the candidate’s resume, as where they went to high school for example, or things of that kind. Use your time with them wisely and use different questions and screening techniques to figure out if you have got the right person. In this lead of thoughts, a crucial advice would be to listen. As simple as it sounds, listening and more important, being focused while doing so, would help you

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