In Montana 1948, Loyalty to Family Is Shown to Be More Important Than Justice. Discuss.

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Practice Essay Writing Family loyalty appears more important that achieving justice in Montana 1948, discuss. Larry Watson’s ‘Montana 1948’ recalls images of the protagonist David Hayden. In the City of Mercer County, Montana, the emotions spinning around the head of David Hayden shows the hatred he has for the state of Montana. One time mentioning ‘I tried running away one time’, showing his negative emotions against the state of Montana. Julian Hayden’s prior knowledge for Frank’s action has him pointing toward the defensive side while David’s father, Wesley Hayden, leaning towards the offensive side, looking forward for justice to be served against his brother Frank. The crimes committed by Frank has both families assuming the consequences for his actions. Gail, Wesley Hayden’s wife, believes that ‘crimes committed should never go unpunished’, there putting justice on top of family loyalty. In the beginning of the novel, the emotions Gail has been putting towards herself was very yet, interesting. As both sides of the families started to begin a war amongst each other, she soon starts to give up, ‘I want my family back’. On the other side, Julian Hayden defending his son, Frank Hayden, who is considers a war hero in Montana. At this very position, we realize Julian puts family loyalty above justice. Firstly, Julian’s prior knowledge for the crimes committed by Frank Hayden for allegedly raping ‘that little Indian girl’ has him putting family loyalty over justice. The relationship between both families during the funeral of Frank Hayden, have both families standing on opposite sides. White defending the assumptions made by Wesley Hayden, Julian Hayden’s respond aiming towards the ‘respect man, a war hero’ statement, believing he puts family loyalty above justice no matter the situation. Wesley, at first declining the fact that Frank committing those crimes.

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