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In life, would you rather have a pause button or a rewind and why? Pausing would give you time to get some perspective, to leave the situation, think over what you are doing and saying. It would give you a chance to look at all angles of an issue and decide which might over all be the best choice. A rewind button wouldn’t be as healthy. It promotes constant looking back and instead of learning from your mistakes and moving on you would be caught in a loop of change and possible more mistakes that you would then be tempted to go back and change again. You would be caught in the past, because while you could rewind you would not necessarily be able to go back to the present. By changing the past you would then have to relive it in a different manner, different circumstances. There would be no looking towards the future. No thoughts as to what might be, of how things could be better. Because if you can just go back and change it, why think about what could be done to change ourselves and thereby negating the need to rewind. Would it be easier to rewind then it would be to pause? I think rewind is a form of instant gratification. Why are you changing it in the first place? Because that decision in some way is cause you discomfort. It has caused consequences that you are no longer willing to live with. So instead of “pausing” and trying to form a solution to your current situation you instead go back. Back to the point in time when you think everything went wrong and make another choice, and unless you are truly aware of why that decision was wrong in the first place, might you not make another wrong choice. Pausing would force you to stop, it would force you to really look at yourself and your mind set. It would make you question not the decisions themselves but the thought and intent behind them. I believe once we begin to analyze this we can then move forward

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