In Kofi Annan’s “Football Envy at the Un, ” How Effective Is the Analogy Between Sports and World Politics?

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Kamal Bakhshi Dr L. Hadley Introduction To College English 2013/11/05 In Kofi Annan’s “Football Envy at the UN,” how effective is the analogy between sports and world politics? In "Football Envy at the UN" the author tries to give an analogy between sports and world politics. In this essay the comparison has been done between football and UN and the author has tried to say why football makes the envy at the UN. Kofi Annan in his essay has brought many reasons such as popularity, fans, economic, pride, patriotism, involvement, and multiculturalism to show the envy football at the UN. Not only Kofi Annan has had a positive attitude to football in this essay but also he has not mentioned to the bad aspects of football. The author’ aim of analogy in his essay to demonstrate his warning about too pay attention to unimportant thing which cannot solve the essential problem in the world. In this essay the author has paid attention to the universality of football and he mentioned that football is more open to all than UN and politics. He implied that football is "played in every country and every race and religion" and he also focused on the members of Fifa and UN to show the importance of them. Annan in his essay also admired the transparency in football because he believes that it is missing in the UN. When he writes "This is an event in which everybody knows where their team stands, and what it did to get there." It shows that "he wishes they had more of that sort of competition in the family of nations". He mentioned to the accountability in football and he says "governments being held accountable" to show that it is one of his wishes in the UN. In Annan's opinion, If we are not as united as we should be, that is because it is a reflection of the world we live in and that's why it was so exciting to be in somewhere during the World Cup. That little soccer

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