In Hamlet, How Is Act 1 Scene 1 Developed Throughout the Play?

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How are the points from Act 1 Scene 5 developed throughout the play? There are high amounts of tension built up throughout scene 5, which bring up lots of suspicion amongst the characters. The main parts of scene 5 give the reader a hint to what may occur later on in the play. The ghost informs Hamlet of his brother’s murderous ways and incest by marrying Old hamlets wife, Gertrude. Claudius is revealed to be a two-faced character and a ‘smiling damned villain’. The word damned suggests that Claudius has damned himself to hell in a religious sense, as he has committed murder of the king which is seen as very punishable also in a superstitious sense. This demonstrates the problems existing in the ruling class, and how they aren’t necessarily good people, just because they have a lot of power in that society. The Queen is described as a ‘seeming-virtuous queen’ , and this suggests that she acts like a good queen but isn’t grieving enough for her deceased husband; as she has quickly re-married to his brother. This is seen as disrespectful from Hamlets point of view throughout the play, as he never accepts Claudius to be a replacement to his father, and never really approves of his mother’s re-marriage. Hamlet also decides ‘to put an antic disposition on’, which was to give the impression that he was in a descent to madness. This is related to when Ophelia’s father Polonius warned her to stay away from Hamlet, and that she may be the possible cause of his mental incapacity. Hamlets develops this madness until the point that the reader doesn’t know what is the initial cause of it, and if it is real or false. Hamlet decided to take on the challenge of avenging his father’s murder, as the ghost instructed, as said ‘This time is out of joint. O cursed spite that I ever was born to set it right.’ This shows that the balance of things was disturbed with the Old King

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