In Five Years From Now, I Will Be Essay

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Most of people have a dream. Someone already achieved it or other one does not. I also have a dream and I have worked on it. My dream is being a nurse so in five years from now I will be an attentive nurse. Nurses take care of patients who are sick and tired their life so sometimes they are mean and don t listens to their doctors or nurse. Nurses also have to know medical knowledge and handle variety medical machines. Therefore, nurses’ obligation is not easy but I will do it systematically. I have been interested of healthy life so I have read many health magazines and news. I want to stay healthy so I have followed health export’s opinions. I have eaten healthy food exercised three times a week and taken vitamins. After I had a baby I want to know more information about health and diseases. One day I thought if I worked a medical facility, I could know more medical information and take care of my baby better than now. So, I decided to be a nurse. Working nighttime is my second reason. It sounds like difficult and irregularly but it has many merits. Nighttime is much quieter than daytime so, I can concentrate my position and I can spend daytime with my family. Nurses can work nighttime because they have to stay in hospital 24 hours so they have three times sheets each sheet is 8 hours. Nighttime working is much more difficult than daytime so they work thee days a week. For me, working nighttime is a big benefit I can spend my time very effectively I can take care of my kids at daytime and work nighttime. I’d like to help sick people. I am a Christian and Jesus said if you help people who need your hand that is the way you help me. I want to follow by bible but I do not have a special ability. I thought if I were a nurse, I could help sick people. In addition, my church goes missionary trip every year to rural area and undeveloped

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