In Defense of Liberty Essay

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HHS Mandate The article on the CNN Health website the article “HHS OKs birth control with no co-pay” is the focus of objection for me. The article is for all the parts on the Health and Human Services (HHS), while I hold some severe objections to mandated birth control and abortion clauses. HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius “These historic guidelines are based on science and existing literature and will help ensure women get the preventive health benefits they need," she said in a news release. (Rice) The secretary has made one assumption that I disagree with that science and Christianity are not mutually exclusive. I find that science has proved my faith by showing scientifically the wonders of nature. We as a society have been suffering from a philosophical debate between atheist and thesis points of view. The atheist will claim that science proves there is no God while the thesis views science as way to understand the beauty of creation. A quote from the article from Cardinal Daniel DiNardo “pregnancy is not a disease, and fertility is not a pathological condition to be suppressed by any means technically possible." They feel the decision forces people to participate who may have moral or religious convictions that oppose contraception use. (Rice) I agree that preventive health care is the best way to spend health care dollars however, not at the sacrifice of personal liberties. The current Administration has chosen to interpret the law by creating a mandate for insurance companies to pay for and provide contraception and abortions. The mandate applies to all insurance companies without exception. The usual exception for those who object on the grounds of conscience is missing. This provides a huge problem for the organizations and individuals who object to human interference with life. The Constitution of the United States of America clearly

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