In Defense Of Food

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Any nutritious substance that is consumed or absorbed in order to maintain life and growth is considered food. From an early age, we try eating all sorts of edible substances and seem to only like the ones that are not as healthy for us. The more unhealthy it is, the more humans seem to like it. The more we eat these addictive foods, the more we search for remedies to lose the physical damage it carries on our bodies. Can these delicious canned soups or conveniently packaged frozen meals or sugary boxed cereals truly help us grow in the best of ways? Or are they falsely labeled with supposed great nutritional value and priced at surprisingly affordable costs to only temporarily satisfy our taste buds and fill our stomachs? I don’t believe that…show more content…
For the first four years or so of your life, you are usually around all types of advertisements all throughout the day. Your favorite cartoon character eats sugary snacks and your favorite sugary snack has a likeable cartoon character to promote it. Through the television, the government has found a way to grab hold of your young and innocent common sense of what is healthy to eat and trade it for what tastes better. The government tells you that because it tastes so good, they will give you a whole box of it to eat and additionally, make it affordable enough for your parents to continue purchasing it without hesitation. The manipulation doesn’t stop there. When you are old enough to go to school, the cafeteria of your safe and trustworthy environment will give you unhealthy treats and lunches that contain no nutritional value, yet feed it to you and simultaneously encourage you to do your best and make good choices. They also feed it to you without giving you a proper introduction of what it is you are actually consuming. This is where the lack of education of a healthy diet

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