In Cold Blood Rhetorical Analysis

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AP English III Weekly Update and Itinerary Week of September 19, 2011 Period 6 We had a busy week, preparing to write our first analytical essay. Students shifted from active reading to pre-writing activities. Of the many things accomplished, here are the key goals met from last week: • Students used charts to rhetorically analyze and compare the basic rhetorical components of “The Declaration of Independence” and “The Declaration of Sentiments and Resolutions.” They answered questions, which helped them identify key similarities and differences in the writers’ tones, purposes and rhetorical strategies. • Students learned how to take time away from their notes and texts to discuss the “big ideas” they have about the texts and…show more content…
One copy must have a new author’s note on the top and grading rubric at the end. Student MUST come to class with essays printed, copies stapled separately so one can be filed and ready to turn in their assignment when the bell rings. Any students unprepared at the beginning of class will be penalized according to class policy for being late with their essay. Also, we will discuss main points from Zinsser’s book and I will assign an original writing assignment due next Monday. Thursday ~ I will introduce students to the background and unit activities for our next text, In Cold Blood by Truman Capote. Homework over weekend is just to continue working on original writing assignment. Friday ~ They Say/I Say Friday. Clara and KT will lead our discussions (5 bonus points). Student should complete a rough draft for their original writing assignment, two copies, for Monday. We had a busy week but are finally at the end of our first unit. While this unit is longer than most of my units, I design it to introduce students to key activities and lessons for the entire course. Introduction to the basic skills, strategies and ideas now will allow us to practice and master them over the course of the

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