In Cold Blood: Important Quotes of Part 4

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In Cold Blood 4 “Dick wasn’t even in the same room. He only run in when he heard them struggling. Dick was carrying his shotgun, and how he described it was: ‘Smitty took my shotgun and just blew that man’s head off.’ And he says, ‘Dad, I ought to have grabbed back the gun and shot Smitty dead. Killed him ‘fore he killed the rest of the family.’ (page 259) I picked this quote before I finished the book. So it seemed to me that there were conflicting accounts of the way the Clutter family died. Perry claimed that Dick was the one that wanted to kill and rape everyone and that he was the one that executed it. But then Dick tells everyone: his parents, the judge, and the lawyers. It turns out that Dick was right. Still, it seems like they both contradicted each other a lot throughout the entire events recalling what happened at the house. “If the escape succeeded, that was the curse Dick had determined upon – to head for the Colorado mountains, and find there cabin where he could hide until spring (alone, of course, Perry’s future did not concern him).” (page 263) Every novel has a conflict and I think the conflict in this novel is between Dick and Perry. Dick is always rude to Perry and he doesn’t even include Perry in his plans whereas Perry says that he needs to involve Dick in everything. There are ongoing conflicts between them as they recount the events that happened in the Clutter household. Even in the jail cells the two of them do their own thing and Dick tries to push himself away from Perry. I think it’s a funny coincidence that Dick was hung first and Perry and hour later. “‘I hear fifty…sixty five…seventy…’: the bidding was laggardly, nobody seemed really to want Babe, and the man who got her, a Mennonite farmer who said he might use her for plowing, said seventy five dollars. As he led her out of the corral, Sue Kidwell ran forward; she

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