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In Cold Blood Essay

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  • on April 2, 2014
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After any heinous crime, it is common to hear people speculate on what could possibly possess someone to commit such a terrible act. In Cold Blood presents a challenging exploration of whether our personality and innate tendencies is dictated by our nature or by external factors out of our control.   Capote compiles a provocative and compelling investigation of the Clutter Family’s murder in 1950s rural Kansas, in which the murderers themselves, Perry Smith and Dick Hickock, epitomize that our true nature is more detrimental to the people we become than the circumstances of our lives. Capote presents a fresh insight into the ‘Nature vs. Nurture’ debate that maniacally echoes experience in key through the illustration of Dick and Perry’s life stories and the events that occurred on the Clutters farm.

As Capote’s twisted piece unravels readers perceive that Perry Smith is portrayed in a particularly sympathetic light. He infers that the influences of his childhood had major impacts and that his actions against the Clutters were but of course a subsequent extension of his childhood. Clinical determination by Dr Satten contended that it was not ‘flesh and blood’ itself that Perry was destroying but ‘a key figure in some traumatic configuration’. Smith's childhood was very problematic and scarred by years of exposure to domestic violence from his father and his mother who was ‘an alcoholic’ (who strangled to death on her own vomit) and even inflictions he suffered in an orphanage at the hand of a nun. His sole yet estranged sister Barbara admits that she and Perry ‘shared a doom against which virtue was no defence’, destined from the very beginning by the nature of their circumstances to rebel against the orthodox path. In this rather selective presentation of key events in Smith’s life readers become more lenient to his plight as we excuse his heinous crimes for the abuse he experienced throughout his life.   Despite his disprivileges Capote emphasises certain traits...

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