In a Grove

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In a Grove is one of the most famous works of Ryunosuke Akutagawa. Ryunosuke Akotagawa was one of the first prewar Japanese writers. He is the first Japanese author popularized in West. He is regarded as the “Father of the Japanese short story” and Japan’s premier literary award. At the age of 35 Ryunosuke Akutagawa dies because of suicide. The story In a Grove does not typically follow a format that begins with an introduction, plot, climax or a conclusion. One cannot get a conclusion from the story because every character says one thing that is refuted by another. But as you read the story, you realize the truth, not from the story, but on your own conclusion. The story In a Grove starts and ends the story with a testimony. The story centered with seven testimonies. It first started with the testimony of a woodcutter. He was the first person found the body of Takehiro. He said that the man was lying on his back, that the man has a one stab wound in the chest, that bamboo leaves are scattered and covered in blood, and he said that he haven’t seen a sword. But on his testimony he saw rope and comb. Second testimony is from the Buddhist priest. According to him he saw the woman names Masago and the man Takehiro on horseback on their way to Yamashina. He said that the woman has a veil and straw hat and wears a dark red kimono with red clipped mane. According to priest the man was armed, a sword, bow and twenty arrows. The third testimony is from the policeman. He was the in charge to investigate the crime. He arrested Tajomaru for he claims that Tajomaru is the murderer in the case. The evidence he saw are the bow and arrows that he saw the suspect holding. The policeman also stated the past crimes of Tajomaru. The fourth testimony is from the woman, Masago’s mother and Takehiko’s mother-in-law. According to the woman, her son-in-law was a samurai and 26 years old
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