In A Flash Her Life Change Analysis

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OSSLC Midterm Activity. Meghan VanLaere "In a Flash, Her Life Changed" A: Before and During Reading Questions (5) Make a prediction about the article based on the title. What do you think this story is about and why? (2) Based on the title, I predict this article would be about a young woman who had something tragic or magnificent happen to her which made her life change completely. What is something else that you can do before reading a piece of text? (1) Before you read a piece of text, you can decide what your purpose of reading that text is, or you can look at the picture(s) if there is any and think about what could be happening from those.…show more content…
Less than ten minutes of being on I-75 South, a mile long car crash occurred. In total there were three deaths and many injured. The family I knew had three children in the car with them, Hannah Greenwood, 10, Aiden Hicks, 7, and Gabrielle Greenwood, 9, and they were all unconscious that morning. Two of those deaths were from the family I knew. Aiden died from impact of a pick-up truck slamming into the side of the car and Gabrielle who passed from head injuries. Hannah on the other hand was given CPR and was revived by Seth Swanson, the first state trooper to arrive at the scene. Swanson has said that he wishes he had more hands to help save all three…show more content…
Write down that word. (2) Stereotyped and little thieves. The author states that it is not only storekeepers who are rude to kids. What other group of adults dows she specifically identity? (3) Teachers, elders and adults in general. Why was the shopkeeper nicer to the author once he thought the older woman was her mother? (3) The shopkeeper was suddenly nice to the author once he thought the older woman was her mother because since the older woman didn't ignore her, and offered her to go first, the only thought that came to his mind was that she was her mother. Explain what is meant by the statement "we are the consumers of tomorrow" in the concluding sentence (4) When the author mentions this, she's saying that we're the ones raising the next generation, so we should notice the kids now, than ignore them in the future. Perhaps if the children now are treated nicely, then the generation they raise will be treated properly and then the trend will continue. "We are the consumers of tomorrow" means that teenagers now, are the ones who will be making the money,next but they wont be making a lot if they're rude to the children of

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