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Lexition April 19 1775 I was staying at an underground base. There were 8 minute-men in their discussing future plans with the British. “Captain Parker” I heard shout Coronial Patrice. “We have info that British are coming in from the north. Find as many men as possible and get there to lexition.” Commanded Coronial Patrice. 1 minute later, I and 70 minute men go ahead 1000s of Redcoats. I then command “don’t fire unless fired upon.” Then all of a sudden “Boom” a gunshot out of nowhere. The British prepare to fire. “Boom, Boom, Boom.” The colonists only fired 5 times and wounded 1 soldier. The British fired 5 times the rate of what we did and killed 8 and wounded 1 soldier. John parker was forced to retreat. The British had one that one, but I is going down that easy. Concord Later that day I then came back with 6 more captains and 1000s of patriots ran through the woods. Leaving Lexition and heading into Concord. We then began to run into an empty field and yell. The Redcoats turn around and see me with 100s of soldiers behind me. We than began to fire and had an advantage against the Redcoats. They retreated and by the end of the battle, we had won. All of the captains were dead except for me. I then reported back to base. Once I arrived, I see Patrice sitting holding a gun in his hand. And when I got down the ladder he stood up and pointed it at me. He said that the redcoats had offered him 100 pound if I get the future plans of the battles. I look on the floor and see many patriots on the floor. Then all of a sudden. “Boom.” Smoke in the air and a body on the ground. And another man in the room. An African American soldier in the battle of Lexition with the name “prince ester brook” shot the bullet. He if wouldn’t have done that the whole war would have been lost. Prince was a hero. Bunker Hill June 17 1775 After the battles of Lexiton

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