Improving Vocabulary Through Advertisements Essay

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IMPROVING VOCABULARY THROUGH ADVERTISEMENTS CHAPTER I INTRODUCTION 1.1 Language Language is a means of communicating thoughts and feelings. English is the only language spoken by people all over the world. It connects the people of the globe from every corner. There is no country in the world, which does not use English language. It is also known as global language because it helps in communicating the thoughts, ideas and feelings of people of different nations and in developing friendly relationships among people and between different countries. Nature has given a blessing to human life in the form of language which is an inevitable aspect of human existence and advancement. In fact, man would not have existed in the absence of language neither would have tasted the luxurious fruit of civilization and advancement. Language enables to think and express views effectively. In that sense, English is one of the resourceful languages which are being used by the entire world. Moreover, English is the child of all languages. It is the only language which has multi-faces by its various applications, like using as a global language, international language, national language, link language, etc. thus, it unites all the nations and makes them go hand in hand. Hence, the application of English is being used all over the world, since it acts as the window of the world. “The English language is nobody's special property. It is the property of the imagination: It is the property of the language itself.” -Derek Walcott 1.2 Characteristics of language Language being the medium of

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