Improving Verbal Communication

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Explain how you will use these improved skills to make your verbal communication more effective. Use a specific example of someone in your life (past or present) whom you have difficulty communicating with. Describe ways in which you could improve your communication with this person. In Chapter 4 I have learned the verbal communication is the most effective way to express your feeling and thoughts. My boyfriend Calvin is my rock he has been through it all although our relationship is not perfect I love him. I have a very hard time telling him how I feel about certain things. For example he is always saying I do for the children more than I do for him. So I had a few extra dollars so I purchased him an Android Tablet knowing that I needed to buy myself a net book or laptop to be able to complete some of my homework at home instead of trying to do everything at work. I could have told him what I needs where to be able to succeed in school but I instead just gave him what I though would make our relationship better. So last night when he picked me up from work he was saying his phone was broken so I took him to the store to look at new ones. He picked out the most expensive one and yet again I purchased the phone only this time I just shut down and got upset. Because he has not had a job in over a year and everything is on me. When we got back to my house I didn’t want him to touch me I was very short in conversation the worst part when he got ready to leave I would not even kiss him. After reading my chapter again I realized that I could have done things a little better to communication my feelings and thoughts. Words are powerful tools (Sole, 2011). I need to learn to use words instead of just shutting down and not saying anything. When a problem arises I will try to write down my feelings and work it out before I present them to Calvin. That way I multiple

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