Improving Students Perfornance in Mathematics-Proposal Essay

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IMPROVING STUDENT’S PERFORMANCE IN SOLVING LINEAR EQUATIONS IN ONE VARIABLE AT TWIFO PRASO SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL USING THE BALANCE MODEL. Introduction 1.1 Background of the Study The world has now become a global village and trends in all human endeavours have assumed new shapes and dimensions. It is therefore important that mathematics as a subject should also be revolutionalized in its teaching and learning to meet the challenges demanded of it by the ever-changing world. Teachers in particular, and educational planners in general are therefore implored by society to design practical methods of teaching and learning that are applicable to the learner’s environment and our everyday life situations. As core subjects in the educational system in Ghana and as far as the Basic and Secondary levels are concerned, mathematics is not given the needed attention by teachers and administrators. Some topics in mathematics are usually skipped and relegated to the background by majority of those who teach it; especially the ones they find uncomfortable (Ministry of Education & Sports, 2007). Those topics however may tend to be the bedrock or foundation upon which other important topics could be built. Liner Equation is one of the most prominent ideas in mathematics, and it is the foundation of Algebra (Dugopolski, 2000). Solving Linear Equations as a topic, poses problems to students because of the improper way and manner it is taught by some teachers. The basic skills and pre-requisite knowledge needed to effect a fuller comprehension is normally lacking in the learners and sometimes those who teach them. If well-taught rudiments, concepts and basic skills needed to solve algebraic equations are well understood by students in the Basic and Junior High Schools, it will enable students to subsequently apply their acquired knowledge to solve algebraic equations using the

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