Improving Patient Outcome

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Improving Patient Outcome with Telehealth
November 28, 2011

Improving Patient Outcome with Telehealth Over the past few decades, hospital statistics has shown that hospital readmissions for CHF patients have been on a constant decline (Management Science for Health, 2011) The Department of Veterans affairs reported that readmissions have been declining since the implementation of telehealth monitoring of patient with CHF (Management Science for Health, 2011). Even though there has been a constant decline in the readmissions with patients with CHF, there is always room for improvement. I have identified three barriers in relations to telehealth services provided by the agency in which I work. I believe that these
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The purpose of this paper is to address barriers discovered in telehealth system and to devise a plan of action to address the noted barriers. In addition, I will incorporate three concepts learned in the course material.
The Approach
My approach was a tactile one. Because I was confronting my superiors in the choices and care they were giving to their patients on telehealth, I had to implement Watson’s Theory of caring to come up with an approach that would create a win-win situation. It is well known by now, that cornerstone of Watson’s theory is caring (Watson, 2008). The nurse not only has deep and sincere feelings of caring for the patient but also has true positive feelings of self (Watson, 2008). As a caregiver, the nurse has respect for the patients as individuals, for their thoughts, and for their wants (Watson, 2008). When devising my approach to present the barriers I observed in the telehealth system, I implemented Watson’s theory by first carefully thinking about an approach that would give
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After careful reflection on Watson’s theory I decided to create a brochure which addressed the barriers observed. The brochure was a success because I was able to address the barriers to my supervisor in a caring way which indeed created a win-win situation. I was also able to implement three concepts learned in NUR/440. Above all, the brochure can be used for the possibility of future change if telehealth is carried in to the New Year.

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