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Improving Organizational Performance Simulation Summary

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  • on April 13, 2014
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Improving Organizational Performance Simulation Summary
PSY/428 Organizational Psychology
October 7, 2013

Improving Organizational Performance Simulation Summary
The Improving Organizational Performance simulation presented students with four scenarios in which students were required to choose options that would affect organizational performance. Airdevils, a stunt company recently began showing signs the organization was heading for trouble; customer satisfaction is declining, and so job satisfaction among employees.   Students act as the organizational psychology-consulting firm hired to address Airdevils problems. The consultant has to determine the cause for the drop in performance levels, suggest appropriate interventions to increase job satisfaction, recommend three employees for the performance group, and develop interventions for decreasing stress. Acting as the consultant, I will provide a brief description of the situation, recommend a solution, and provide the results for each of the four major phases in the simulation.
Major Phases Simulation
Phase I
Situation - The consultant must determine the primary cause to low job satisfaction among the stunt performers.   Reading the blog provided some insight to how employees feel about their employer.  
  * The company‚Äôs salaries are below the industry norms.
  * The stunts are routine and outdated, and suggestions for improvements are unwelcomed.
  * Management does not listen to employee concerns.
  * Management shows partiality.
  * Schedule prevents employees from spending time with their families.
Recommended Solution - Of these five possible causes I selected the stunts were routine and outdated, and there are no takers for suggestions for improvement. This option seems to be the most plausible because employees no longer feel excited about the stunts they are doing, and believe some changes should be made to keep them from becoming boring. One employee complained he or she could...

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