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Improving Organizational Performance Essay

  • Submitted by: fairydust67
  • on September 27, 2012
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Below is an essay on "Improving Organizational Performance" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Improving Organizational Performance
When it comes to job satisfaction with employees it is important to remember not everyone is alike, and some may have different needs then others. One employee concerns may be with the rate of pay, and another it may be the hours that he or she is putting in. Improving upon the concerns with the staff will take some investigating to find out what motivates each individual in the organization, and then finding ways to improve upon these to properly motivate him or her. This paper will cover the problems from within the Airdevils Company, and suggestions on how to improve the issues. The Airdevils are stunt teams that preform aerial stunts all over Salt Lake City, Utah.   Celsey, the owner of this team and founder has had some problems with staff, and this paper will discuss these issues along with suggestions on how to fix these problems.
Simulation one
In the simulation (2005), it had been brought to attention by employees that there was a lot of job dissatisfaction. From what the team was discussing the high flyers were feeling as if he and she had been taken for granted. The team felt that he or she was working hard and not getting credit for what he or she was performing. There was talk about not receiving enough time for family due to the long work days. There was also talk about routines becoming boring, and not being able to show what stunts that each one was capable of doing. The cause that was chosen is stunts being routine, and the team felt no one was listening to his and her suggestions. The personal profiles of each member showed that each one was motivated by the challenges of the stunts, and since there were no new challenges each one was getting bored. (2005)

Simulation two
In the simulation (2005), the Airdevils high flyers team is unsatisfied with his and her stunts each member is stuck with the same routine. The members are only allowed to perform his or her specialized stunts, and these have become...

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