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The headline of the article I've read is Improving Maryland's child welfare system. It is written by the secretary of the state Department of Human Resources Christopher J. McCabe. The aim of the article is to provide us with some information on improving the way of protection the most vulnerable children in Maryland. Many problems have existed in the child welfare system in this state. The author starts his article with the introducing with the Baltimore City Department of Social Services, the largest of their local agencies, which has operated under a federal consent decree for child welfare for 15 years in the child abuse case of L. J. vs. Massinga. He assures us that they are making progress. According to his words, Governor Robert L. Ehrlich Jr. and he realize that they still have their work not just in Baltimore, but across the state. They are seeing a lot of children come into the foster care system with great needs, and their human services system must become nimble enough to care for children in the state. Then he touches upon Child and Family Services Review being undertaken by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services in an attempt to raise the standard of child welfare. It helps identify their problems and measure their success in serving young people. Then the author dwells on significance of the federal review of their system. He says that the federal review will evaluate their child protection systems, giving them an opportunity to measure themselves against the high national standards that Health and Human Services has set for all states. They expect that Maryland will be required, like every other state, to develop an improvement plan. Then the author promises us they will do a better job of reallocating our resources to provide better direct service to. They are going to build a system that responds to modern

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