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Improving Groups Essay

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Improving Working Groups
July 15, 2013
M. Aloysius Simpson
Improving Working Groups
There is always room for improvement, especially if a group is willing to analyze and make changes when necessary.   By examining the relationship between group member diversity and communication style, verbal, and   nonverbal interactions, and listening techniques of three videos, the paper will help identify way in which more effective communication can be utilized
Video One
“Planning a Playground” video was preferred   to discuss the relationship between group member diversity and communication style.   The video involves community residents, new, and old, what are at the initial meeting to brainstorm and come up with a plan for new neighborhood playground.   The goal of the meeting is to come up with an amount to allocate for the playground and how the funds will be obtained.   From the beginning of the video, it is suggested   that two members are new to the group and each one of the members are from diversified   backgrounds. Not only are different ethnic groups represented but also age and gender (University of Phoenix, 2007). The diversity in the group portrayed seems to be more focused   on the background of the members, which also contributes to their style of communication.   For example, one lady has already researched online the different prices of the playgrounds whereas another member is there more for the social aspect and to meet people.   Both members are active contributors to the progress of the goal and the diversity contributes to the purpose. The members all seemed to communicate well and compromise on the issues at hand.   Humor, experience, and leadership were all used during the discussion to help discard inhibitions and progress toward the goal.   The group chose properly when deciding on verbal communication because this was the initial...

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