Improvements to Ping Pong Game Essay

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The game was run by two of my friends who took the role of player1 and 2. They are developers themselves and hence could give a constructive criticism on the game and suggested valuable improvements that could be made. The following is the feedback I got from them. 1.) They said that the game is very basic. It should have more attractive features like more graphical images, more functionality which can make it more appealing. 2.) The screen layout is too small for the playground. The other frames should not appear when the play is on. In that way one can have a feeling of a real game. This one looks like it is still under development as many of the edit features become visible while the play is going on. If this is done the game will look a fully developed game, instead of a trial version as it looks now. 3.) One of them suggested that instead of just a red bar representing the player if possible a real image of a player or at least a pin man can be incorporated. He should move about kicking the ball. The same help feature can be used and the same up and down arrows can be used to move the player. A background music could be played which will make the show more lively and there should be a voice encouraging the player with words like ‘well done’... or ‘improve’ or ‘do better’ or ‘keep it up’ or ‘better luck next time’. or ‘don’t worry about failure.. failure is the stepping stone to success!’ The various instances at which these words sound should be appropriate, linked to the way in which the player is playing. If this is done, then the play will look more professional and attractive. 4.) The Help screen cannot be seen in full. It gets truncated and it disappears after a while. It should stay as long as the user want it to. It should also come up broader and cover the play ground in full. The wordings in the help screen just describe the movement of the

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