Improvement Writing Essay

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Through my first semester in college writing I’ve undoubtedly improved my writing ability. I’ve progressed grade wise, starting with a ‘D’ on my first essay and gradually gaining more points with every essay to follow. I got an ‘A’ on my 5th essay and it sounds significantly more intelligent than how my first one did. I’m very happy with the improvements I’ve made throughout this semester in college writing and it shows immensely through my work. Some of the most dramatic enhancements I’ve noticed in my writing include my ability to create stronger thesis statements, better transition sentences between paragraphs, and more specific main topics with supporting material. In my first essays the points I made in my thesis statement were extremely vague; you made remarks like “Be more specific” very frequently. Looking back on my first thesis statements I think they sounded unclear and certainly required more explicit features. For example, my first thesis statement is written like this, “The U.S. is a positive force to world affairs because it encourages everyone to help out, gets news fast out to everyone, and comes up with solutions when they arise.” You circled “who” throughout that paper indicating to be more specific of whom I was talking about, and what kinds of “problems” particularly I was discussing. I have improved significantly with the structure of my thesis statements, and in my last 3 essays you wrote comments stating “strong thesis” and “clear and concise introduction with thesis.” Along with better thesis statements, I’ve also improved with writing clear transitions that smoothly shift from one paragraph to the next. In my first few essays I started off every paragraph with a topic sentence, but completely disregarded the previous paragraph’s content. You made comments declaring “add transition” between every paragraph, so I made an attempt to

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