Improved Design of on-Chip Resistor for Radio Frequency Appliactions Essay

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IMPROVED DESIGN OF ON-CHIP RESISTOR FOR RADIO FREQUENCY APPLIACTIONS In this wireless communication world of today, there is fast growing, developing and high demand of radio frequency integrated circuit (RFIC) complementary MOSFET oxide semiconductor (CMOS) technology. This is due to low cost, small size, high performance, lower power and integration capability with base band circuit. Today RFIC have high gain performance in the frequency range of Giga Hertz. Many off-chip passive devices such as resistor, capacitor and inductor are now available as on-chip devices in integrated circuits. Digital RF electronic circuits mainly use active devices, on chip passive components and imperative adjuncts. These passive components include resistors, inductors, capacitors and varactor. In RFIC designs, CMOS technology is the most preferable due to significant reduction in cross talk between RF and digital circuits. An advantages of the RF circuits migration into CMOS process are low cost, low power consumption, high integration and high volume production. Nowadays, on-chip resistor technology is useful for radio frequency (RF) applications. There are several application in frequency circuits especially in terminations. Resistors are critical components in low noise amplifier, oscillators and other tuned circuits. The on-chip RF resistor leads to the reduction of overall part count, elimination of solder joints, improvement of wire ability and improvement of high frequency behaviors due to reduction of parasitic inductance. Realizing of on-chip RF passive component can improve reliability and efficiency of CMOS RF system. Main requirement for high performance resistor is high quality Qfactor operate at high frequency. The meander line configuration allows reduction of chip size. Hence, modified configuration can further reduce the chip size, thus improving overall

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