Improve School Security

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Improve School Security According to psychologist Abraham Maslow's 1943 paper A Theory of Human Motivation, every person has five levels of basic needs that must be satisfied before self-satisfaction can be reached--safety being one of the more important. With the future in the hands of today's younger generations, they should most definitely be assured the feeling of safety in order to achieve their fullest potential in this world. A minor in America typically spends the most time in school than in any other establishment. Therefore, it is logical to demand for proper security to be implemented in every school's budget. Especially today, when school violence is more common than how it was five years ago, added security measures would not only create a safer learning environment, but also prevent any future acts of danger; thus, the student mortality rate would drop. The preventative actions would eliminate verbal and physical abuse, gang-related violence, the usage of weapons, and possession of illegal substances. Already there are school systems that have a form of security; however violence continues to silence its authority. With that being said, standards for school security must exceed typical standards. In high schools across America, there should be at least one security guard per major building of a school. When it comes time for a school to choose a security guard, a lot of thought and effort must be put into the process. The security guards should meet the qualifications set up by the school: work hours, experience, and reputation. Usually when a security guard is hired, they are asked to spend time before and time after where they are working. At a school, the security guard should be on campus an hour before to monitor for any suspicious acts before the school opens, and at least 2 more hours after the school closes to monitor for the same.
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