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COMMUNICATION PROBLEMS FACED BY MALACCA HEALTH DEPARTMENT (MHD) ON ANTI SMOKING CAMPAIGN INTRODUCTION Communication refers to the act, by one or more persons, of sending and receiving messages that are distorted by noise, occur within a context, have some effect, and provide some opportunity for feedback. All communication takes place in a context that has at least four dimensions: physical, cultural, social psychological and temporal. Communication always has some effect on one or more person involved in the communication act. For every communication act, there is some consequence. For example, we may gain knowledge or learn how to analyze, synthesize, or evaluate something. These are intellectual or cognitive effects. Or we may acquire or change our attitudes, beliefs, emotions and feelings. These are effective effects. We may even learn new bodily movements, such as throwing a ball or painting a picture, as well as appropriate verbal and nonverbal behaviours. These are psychomotor effects.Communication behaviours, whether they involve verbal messages, gestures, or some combination thereof, usually occur in “packages” (Pittenger,Hockett,& Danehy 1960). Communication is transactional (Barnlund 1970; Watzlawick 1977, 1978; Watzlawick, Beavin, & Jackson 1967; Wilmot 1987). One implication of viewing communication as transactional is that each person is seen as both speaker and listener, as simultaneously sending and receiving messages. Each person in a communication transaction acts and reacts on the basis of the present situation. But, this present situation, our immediate context is influenced by our history, past experiences, attitudes, cultural beliefs, self-image, future expectation, emotions, and a host of related issues. Another implication is that two people listening to the same messages will often derive two very different meanings. Although the

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