Improve a Business by Change Management Essay

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Chapter 01: Introduction 1.1 Company profile Oasis Marketing Co. pvt Ltd. is one of the fastest growing fertilizer companies in Sri Lanka. Established in 1995, as a multi products fertilizer importer, manufacturing and Distribution Company, supplies the fertilizer for the farming community of Sri Lanka to feed their crops. Oasis Marketing Company‟s initial products mainly divide into • • • • Liquid chemicals Fungicides Weed-Killers Insecticides Oasis Marketing Company mission for continued sustainable business growth through the “The Reliable Plant Care Company”. Company has have been concentrating on the repair work or the rehabilitation task in the soil that has been cultivated throughout. Oasis Marketing Company value is to establish long term client relationships by introducing to various types of fertilizer for selected crops. Especially fertilizer has been the key to success for what Oasis is today. Further company is take care of and responsibility to building a healthier environment by the natural fertilizers and NPK+ Trace elements fertilizers which are formulated safe and naturally friendly to all living things. Company believes that they are the best in their field and give the best value for money.  Products and services Oasis Marketing Company makes wide range of products with different kinds of crops simply makes then healthier and flourishing by giving better outputs in terms of quality and increased harvest. Oasis products offer an alternative by creating an active organic cycle in the soil which is capable of recycling nutrients very efficiently, extracting nitrogen form the air and releasing nutrients that are fixed in the mineral part of the soil. An active organic 12 | P a g e cycle requires a vast number of microorganism including bacteria, years and fungi. A large population of earthworms is also vital to the organic cycle. An

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