Improper Waste Management Essay

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Introduction The environment comprises everything that creates natural conditions for the existence of organisms including man, and it is a precondition for their further development. Its components are mainly air, water, minerals, soil and living organisms. The environment is born or created by nature and its growth or expansion is also set by nature itself. Man himself is a factor of the environment and has undergone the same processes of birth and evolution as undergone by the other co-factors, although he is a potent reactor to introduce large-scale changes in the environment. Environment not only includes the surface features and the flora and fauna on it, but also the zone of atmosphere and hydrosphere above and the mantle of the geological structure below. Hence, it has a volume or a zone in a cubical dimension. Environment has a regional and also a national aspect of analysis. The environmental engineering profession works to protect and manage our air, water, and energy resources. Environmental engineers quantitatively analyze the environmental changes that inevitably result from human activities, designing strategies to remediate problems, minimize impacts, and measurably improve environmental quality. The environmental engineering field is refreshingly multi-disciplinary in nature, combining fundamental principles drawn from physics, chemistry, geology and biology with analytical methods. Practitioners focus on developing devices, techniques and solutions that can effectively address a variety of real-world environmental problems. Environmental engineering applies engineering principles to natural systems to solve and prevent environmental degradation. The discipline uses knowledge of soil, water, and air systems to engineer solutions from field to watershed scales. Environmental Engineers solve problems working with natural systems. They protect

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