Improper Use of Social Networks

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Improper Use of Social Networks IMPROPER USE OF SOCIAL NETWORKS 1 In today’s youth, kids can be so mean to each other and social networks aren’t helping to make society any better. In some cases, some youth will go so far as to taking their lives over issues online like bullying. I’m not against social networks but I think kids should try to be practical and think of others feelings before they do something stupid. Bullying along with many other online dangers on social networks should be watched carefully and monitored. Social networks should be used wisely; they are not just toys, they cause damage too. Online bullying can lead to health issues and our youth are likely to experience anxiety, depression, loneliness, unhappiness, and poor sleep. Online bullying online can take place in chat rooms, blogs, and on e-mail. These areas online can be filled with damaging lies, personal information, threats, and embarrassing secrets about a student. It can spread quickly across an entire student body. When the victim of bullying is not in front of the harasser, it seems as if the harasser becomes braver and at the same time becomes crueler. “Ybarra and Mitchell (2004) discuss how when there is poor caregiver monitoring of online behavior the children are twice as likely to harass others online. Also, youth who report not having a close relationship with their care givers are 3 times more likely to harass others online.” This supports that parents or caregivers need to watch over their kids carefully and monitor what they do online. Social networks are also hot spots for sexual predators. They may pose as a younger, attractive, nice guy until they get a hold of a child of their liking (so to speak). Depending on the predator, they might have standards: some like little boys, some like little girls. If you are monitoring your child online you can avoid

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