Impressive Memory in High School

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Evaluate a significant experience, achievement, risk you have taken, or ethical dilemma you have faced and its impact on you. It was just a few days before final exam when one friend entered into classroom. He was new student who just transferred to our school. For semester grade, he had to finish and submit his assignment. The problem was that the last part of that assignment required group work and everyone else already had finished it. He remained nervously in his seat. I tried to ignore him but I saw his trembling look and then suddenly my memory in the US passed like flashback. When I was fourteen, I was attending the middle school in Korea. At that time I was fighting against boring school life. Just at that moment, my father was about to go to the US for his work. Having believed that I would not be able to improve myself in Korea, I went to the US with my father. I was not worried for a bit because I had been studying English for years. However, it turned out to be my midjudge since English I learned in Korea was not much helpful in real life in the US. Thus, I had much language problems which led to lack of communication. I was depressed and helpless for first few weeks. For several times, I thought about going back to Korea. Although I told my parents that I was doing fine, I was suffering by loneness and helplessness. Then one day, in ESL class, one Hispanic guy came and spoke to me. He said his name was Fernando and he was from Argentina. From that encounter, my life in the US changed into somewhat ‘enjoyable’. He introduced me to his friends and they all welcomed me. Since then I played soccer with them after class. Sometimes Fernando came to my home and taught me English. Come to think of it, I had terrible English skill at that time; I did not even know how to spell ‘January’. Nevertheless, my English skill improved so rapidly because I
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