Impressionistic Art Essay

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In Impressionistic Art, the purpose of the fluid lines and tonal range is to capture the originality of nature. The Impressionist artists thought it was important to paint nature as it was intended, without any artificial lighting or distractions. Thus, the painting should be painted outside in the plain air. Mallarme said that by painting in the open air the artist could capture the originality and beauty of landscape in its most natural form. This then provides the same emotion that the artist felt in the environment in which the painting was created, almost like a transfer of pure emotion from artist to viewers by means of the canvas and the color. Cubism is similar to this in the sense that Cubists believe that it is important to manipulate formal elements when depicting a subject matter in order to provide an accurate presentation of the feelings that a subject evokes, rather than directly reproducing it on a canvas. The Cubists, however, regard the Impressionists negatively. In Gelizes and Metzinger’s article, art created by Impressionist painters are described as being “feeble and worthless”. Impressionists, like the Cubists found importance in depicting nature, but their difference was that Impressionists limited themselves, while the Cubists found that limitation was the only error in art. Even though both genre of artists had a similar goal of painting nature and beauty through similar forms, such as the manipulation of patches of color, whether it was through the Impressionistic use of broken brush strokes, or the Cubists’ fragments of color, the Impressionist artists thought paintings of nature should be done in nature to avoid any chance of hindering the true emotion and landscape depicted, while the Cubists felt that it was important to imitated nothing and to create an image that evoked the reality of the subject, without directly doing so through

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